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What is the GOPASS loyalty programme?

The GOPASS loyalty card is a chip card that offers a lot of discounts, benefits and rewards in hotels, resorts, facilities, bars and restaurants of Tatry mountain resorts as well as in Tatry Motion shops in the High Tatras, in Jasná, and the water parks of Bešeňová and Tatralandia.


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How can I get the GOPASS card?

GOPASS cards are given to clients at hotel receptions or when they check in. However, GOPASS cards can be REGISTERED ONLINE as well and sent to your home address. They are also available in TATRY MOTION facilities.


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GOPASS rewards and reduces prices

1 point is ascribed to your GOPASS card for every Euro you spent with it. Collected points can be then redeemed for other holiday adventures and unforgettable moments. Rewards for points are offered not only on ski slopes and in water parks but also in our hotel.


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It can be used everywhere

YourGOPASS card is international and can be used in all resorts and hotels of TMR. Enjoy discounts and benefits that the GOPASS loyalty programme guarantees and use your GOPASS points for example to buy the following products and services:

In hotels of Tatry mountain resorts

  • attractive discounts on accommodation
  • meals and drinks
  • wellness treatments
  • late check-out and early check-in
  • more discounts in TMR hotels
    In resorts of Tatry mountain resorts

  • ski passes, cableways and water parks
  • meals and drinks
  • events
  • ski rentals and ski school
  • clothes and accessories


GOPASS card = accommodation with the best prices of cableway and water park tickets!

Ski passes and cableways

Purchasing of ski passes and cableway trips in ski resorts.


Water parks

Purchasing of tickets to the water parks of Tatralandia and Bešeňová.


NEW: The best accommodation deals

The best offers for clients of the GOPASS loyalty programme in TMR!




Get up to 30€ off with Gopass

Good news for all Gopass holders! From now on, you can redeem your points for discounts on hotel packages.
When booking your stay, use your points and get up to 35€ off. Just enter the number of your Gopass card into the booking form.

Gopass pointsDiscount
1000 points10 € off
2000 points20 € off
3000 points30 € off

Use your points in our hotel

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GoPass offer in our hotelGopass price
Late check-out until 12:00noon5 € + 100 points
Early check-in from 12:00noon5 € + 100 points
Pet8 € + 200 points
Romantic room with sparkling wine and fruit19 € + 100 points
Upgrade to a higher room standard15 € + 200 points
Mini bar with 50% off50% + 300 points
Fragrant herbal pilow9 € + 250 points
Cosmetic present – oil, soap, candle7,5 € + 300 points
Bike rental for ½ day1 € + 150 points

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