Power of Tatras nature

The idea to bring the “power of the nature” beyond the gates of our hotel stems from the long-term tradition of the Tatra mountains, which have been a place of relaxation and rejuvenation since the very beginning. People have been visiting the mountains for hundreds of years, seeking not only relaxation during holiday, but also health benefits.

The climate of the Tatra mountains and our mother nature, which gives us plentiful gifts every day, have a particularly positive impact on the organism. We strive to use the nature’s riches to the full in our hotel so that you can make the most of the benefits the nature in the Tatras offers. Treatments, massages and our own natural cosmetic products with herbs, forest fruits and other gifts of the nature in the Tatras are available in our Grand Mountain Spa and you will encounter the nature’s gifts everywhere from the healthy local cuisine to herbal cushions for better sleep.


Grandhotel Praha**** your place for health, beauty and Tatra-style relaxation!


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Follow the symbol – discover the power of Tatra nature

  You will have the opportunity to discover the beneficial effects of Tatra herbs everywhere in our hotel. Each meal, massage or product marked with this symbol contains herbs beneficial for your health.


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