They have made products with love and we serve them to our guests with love just as deep.

Cheese platters, beetroot risotto, cheese selection, meat in home-made hamburgers. Grandhotel Praha serves specialities made of ingredients that come exclusively from Slovak farms.

Included in the Lobby menu, à la carte, for breakfast. Taste ripening cheese products from the Bukovina farm, meat of oxen crossbred with the English Skota breed from the Bio Farm of Važec, original venison from a nearby farm of Stará Ľubovňa. Home-made products taste best when seasoned with herbs from the hotel garden.


Grandhotel Praha**** guarantees health, beauty and spoiling relaxation!

Follow the symbol – discover the Quality of Slovak farmers

Our hotel offers meals made of ingredients from Slovak farmers. The logo displayed on them symbolises the guarantee of high-quality Slovak products.


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