Grand Lounge

Grand Lounge is a place with pleasant atmosphere and background music, ideal for an evening with your closest ones and friends. Listen to the sound of sparkling champagne, find truth in high-quality wine and forget the everyday routine. In winter, you can relax watching a flickering flame in a marble fireplace and let it warm the whole body of yours.

The Grand Lounge features a cosy Aperitif Bar, which serves as a smoking room with more privacy and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy high-quality cigars with cognac or a selection of the best drinks with good company.

Spend a pleasant evening on our sunlit terrace in summer and enjoy a cold and refreshing home-made drink with beneficial effects on your health. We have brought the Tatras from our own herbal garden into delicious mixed drinks and loose teas. Smell the fragrance of fresh mint, discover the healing power of Tatra herbs and feed all your senses under the majestic peaks of the Tatras.

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