Massages and treatments

Treat yourself to moments of absolute peace and let us spoil you from tip to toe. Our experienced masseurs are ready to relieve your strained body to make it more beautiful and healthier. Unique massages and treatments that are based on the healing power of Tatra nature are ideal for calming down the mind and enjoying relaxing moments.

Opening times

Massages 10:00 - 21:00

Information and booking

+421 902 464 395

We suggest booking treatments at least 24 hours in advance. The hotel reserves the right to change the opening times. For the latest updates, please contact the hotel reception.


Our rich offer includes:



Treat your senses to something unforgettable. The unique combination of a pack, a foot and lower leg massage and Tatra herbs guarantees refreshing relaxation.


Enjoy a relaxing full-body peeling with a bilberry oil back, neck and back of leg massage that ends with a yoghurt back pack. The fresh bilberry aroma is truly irresistible.


The deep-tissue and complex regenerating treatment includes: make-up removal, a deep-tissue revitalising face massage, machine treatment, a regenerating face mask, serum and cream application, a relaxing herbal bath and eyebrow trimming.

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